Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holidays in recap:

There was lots of baking for me over the holidays, and everything went well!  It's really hard to write about kitchen adventures when there aren't really any adventures to speak of.  My New Years Resolution?  Have a kitchen adventure at least once a month.  (This is currently in the Crock-Pot, and will be the first time I've ever made pork!  The cloves smell amazing.)  Also, to keep a copy of a recipe or two I want to try so when I'm at the store and go "Damn, I should pick up something to put in the Crock-pot," I'll actually have a list of ingredients handy.

So what did I make?  Well, there were buckeyes, (in which the directions are pretty much "stir peanut butter, butter and confectioners sugar until you can't stir anymore and then add more confectioners sugar and continue stirring until your arm really does fall off") but I need to perfect my chocolate dipping technique.  There was a sweet chex mix (KP approved!) and very yummy spiced apple juice (the leftovers are in the fridge, but I haven't tried it since to see how well it holds up).  There was banana bread for Christmas breakfast at KP's parents, and citrus honey button cookies as presents for both his and my parents.  I picked the recipe because it had a little less sugar, and it wouldn't be very nice to wave sugary cookies in front of KP's dad since he's not supposed to eat them.  Despite rumors to the contrary, I'm not evil.  The cookies were an especially big surprise hit at my family's house though, where my mom told me I'm turning into Betty Crocker (with motherly pride) and my teenage brother ate two (while I was there, who knows how long they lasted after I left!).  Success!

So those were my holidays, how were yours?

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  1. Good Luck in your forays into kitchen adventures. LOVE the sound of the pork recipe - might have to try that one myself!!

    Good idea with he cookies, too. I battle high blood sugar and have to watch what I eat (not easy over the holidays, I can tell you) - might have to steal that one too :)