Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Food sites I love:

So I'm in the process of writing up this nomalicious pork dish I cooked up the other day, but I thought I would share some of my favorite recipe treasure troves first.

Taste of Home - I discovered this site through a book at the library, and I loves it. Yummy recipes, lots of them easy enough for even me to cook. I'm totally itching to get my hands on the Almost Homemade book, which looks to be right up my alley.

EatingWell - My subscription to EatingWell came paired with my subscription to Yoga Magazine.  For some reason I rarely touched the magazine I actually wanted, and found myself flipping through this occasionally and wishing I could cook. EatingWell recipes are often high on the style aspect, meaning they're often a little complicated for me right now.  Expect to need seasonings you don't have, and have lots of onions, celery and garlic on hand for chopping. My really tasty cookies came from here though, so the effort is usually well worth it!

$5 Dinners - One day I will master the art of food planning and coupons and not spending a ridiculous amount of money because I went to the store after work and I was hungry and decided that I needed $30 worth of chinese food microwavable dinners for the week (true story). Or I buy things for food like milk or eggs or onions and they go bad long before I think to use them.  Until then, I will read $5 dinners for the yummy recipes, and hope maybe some of it will rub off on me.

A Year of Slow Cooking - I seriously love my crock-pot. Maybe not as much as this lady does, but I love crock-pot cooking and all the things I am willing to try in a crock-pot that I definitely wouldn't be willing to try just yet in the oven or on the stove.  I love reading the recipes on this site, and seeing that someone else gets into wacky adventures in the kitchen (she tried to make HAGGIS for goodness sake)!

Just Bento - I adore bento boxes.   They're cute, and if you packed it right you've got a colorful meal with fruits, vegetables, protein and carbs! My mother would be proud.  On the other hand, bento often looks very complicated to emulate, and while eating Japanese food doesn't scare me, cooking it does.  I drool for now (and pack little American-style boxes occasionally).

Hasty Tasty Meals - Cheri is a friend of the family, and the author of books that she once warned me "might be a little naughty".  She writes cookbooks too.  I like to see what she's cooking, and I promise you if Cheri says it's good, then it is.  :)

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